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Cherishing the memories with our family and friends is something all of us love and enjoy.  And if these are the pictures of our child’s precious moments in school then the joy of sharing doubles up.

Have you ever thought how wonderful would it be if you had the chance to see and get all the pictures of your child’s memorable moments in school and that too at your own convenience.

Ever wanted to not get into the hassle of going to school, selecting the pictures of your child from the hard copies displayed on the school board (often getting lost in them and struggling to peep with other parents trying to get the chance over you), writing the numbers on a paper and handing it over to the respective teacher so that they can be given to photographer for printing and later handed over to you/child.


Exactly our thoughts. Is there not a better way to get this working in today’s world when everything is available at a click or tap?

As parents we had often thought why we need to take so much pain to get the pictures of our child , why can’t there be a better way to get them, why do we have to spend so much time, money and energy on something that can easily be managed in a better way …….And then one day talking to the Principal of our daughter’s school the idea of presenting struck our minds.

As qualified Management and IT professionals from top institutes with more than 14 years of experience working with best International and Indian companies, we put our IT and Management minds to work and decided to give our idea a shape. And here we are presenting to you…..a trip down the memory lane.