Parents can Sign-up / Sign-in only if their child's school is associated with us.

img FAQs

Ques - 1) I am a first time user. How do I sign up?

Ans - Click on the Sign-up button on the top right corner of the website home page. You will see a pop-up. Enter the email id registered with the school. Choose a username and click on ‘Sign-Up’. An OTP would be generated and sent to the email id. Use this OTP as the password to Sign-in for the first time. You can change your password (recommended) after signing in by clicking on "Username > Change Password" at the top right.

Ques-2) What is the 'Available Credits' logo that I see at the top?

Ans - works on the concept of credits. Each picture is equal to one credit. So if you see 2 credits on the ‘Available Credits’ logo it means you can download 2 pictures without paying anything. You can click on 'Available Credits' logo to see how you received those credits and their expiry.

            Ques-3) I have 0 (Zero) ‘Available Credits’. Can I still buy and download the pictures?

Ans - Yes. If you do not have any credits available, you can purchase the credits using the ‘Buy Packages’ option or you can pay-per-picture while checking out.

            Ques-4) I have added some pictures to the cart. How can I remove them?

            Ans - Go to the 'Pics Cart', uncheck the pics you want to remove and click on ‘Refresh Cart’. You will see that the unchecked pictures are removed from the cart.

            Ques-5) Some pictures appear with a circled tick mark with green background when I hover my mouse over them. I am unable to add these pics to my cart. Why so ?

Ans - These are the pics that you have already purchased. maintains track of the pics you have already purchased. These pics can be downloaded from your 'Order History'. We would never let you waste your credits by purchasing the same picture again.

Ques - 6) How can I keep track of picture credits I purchased or used? 

Ans - You can view the entire picture credit history on the Credit History screen. Click on your username on the top right corner of the screen and go to Credit history.

Ques - 7) Do the credits expire? 

Ans - Yes. The credits you receive have an expiry date. You can see the expiry date of credits when you click on ‘Available Credits’. When you purchase pics at, the sooner expiring credits are used first.

Ques - 8) How can I see the pictures that I have already purchased/downloaded? 

Ans - You can go to 'Order History' to view the pictures purchased/downloaded by clicking on "Username > Order History" at the top right.

Ques - 9) I have purchased a package. Where can I see the details of purchase?

Ans - You can go to 'Order History' to view the pictures purchased by clicking on "Username > Order History" at the top right. Click on 'Package Order History' to view the relevant details. As soon as you purchase a package the credits offered under the purchased package are added to your available credits.

Ques - 10) Can I get the hard copies of the pictures I purchased? 

Ans - Currently we do not provide hard copies. However we do understand that some parents would like to get the hard copies printed. We are working on this and would make them available during the next phase.

Ques - 11) I do not see the picture of my kid even though he/she participated in an event? 

Ans - We upload all the photographs received from the school and do not filter them in any manner before uploading. is not responsible/ liable for any such miss.