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Benefits to the Schools

Current process being followed at most schools to provide pictures to parents:

·         Photographer displays thumbnails of pictures during PTM or similar occasion

·         Parents use a form to note down picture numbers and calculate money to be paid

·         A teacher-coordinator collects these forms and money, reconciles the data and hands-over to the photographer

·         Photographer takes its own sweet time to print and then hand back paper photographs to the teacher-coordinator

·         Teacher-coordinator or class teachers give the photographs to kids or parents

This long chain takes time, is often inconvenient and costlier along with being error prone.

Some other schools distribute CDs at the end of the term with a load of pictures dumped recklessly. Parents often find it difficult and time consuming to find their kid among this dump.

A few tech savvy schools have FB pages or school portals to share pictures with parents. The picture quality is much compromised in this option along with timeliness and maintenance issue at school’s end. Other problem with this option is that only a limited number of photos are shared therefore often missing many of the participant kids. Most importantly these photos become part of public domain while with, photos of your school kids are in safe hands shared with only authorised users/ parents. is a unique fast, cost effective, convenient solution to get rid of this cumbersome process and all the above mentioned troubles.

Benefits to the Parents

·        No more hassle of coming to school to choose the pictures.

·      No more delay between the payment made to school and actually receiving the picture(s).

·      Function/ Event pics available much sooner now and with 24x7 convenient access.

·      Soft copies of photographs available at much lesser price. Get it printed yourself, if you want.

·      A secure platform to ensure photographs are not accessed in an unauthorized manner.

·      Enjoy your kids' performance during the function/ event assured by the knowledge that professional high quality pics will be available to download at in just a few days.

·      Go Green – Be environment friendly (reduce paper prints), share easily on Facebook, WhatsApp etc with friends and other family members while saving money.